Judy McCaig ¨Desert Rain¨

Exposición de cuadros y joyería de Judy McCaig
Desert Rain

del 7 al 24 de octubre de 2015

Silent Spring! !
Hushed solitude!
Silence, a space void of undesired noise!
Intangible !
Winter light, spring sunshine!
Summer haze, autumn colours.!
Birds twitter gently, butterflies hover!
Bees hum,!
Plants grow!
Crops turn green to golden, !
Nourishing food,!
Oxygenizing the air !
Branches blow in the wind, !
Clear rivers run through lush pastures!
Fields abundant!
Meadow flowers colour the landscapes!
Aromas, wet grass, early morning dew!
Bright skies!
Trees, green! !
Pesticide free ! !
Silence, wake up!
Take action,!
What have we done!
Did we listen too late!
Lethal poisons!
Earth Destroying !
Unnecessary suffering!
Human deformities!
Greed the fault!
Excessive consumption!
Make a change!
before it is too late!
Before corruption and illness triumph!
Before the seeds of our actions take over!
Stop, listen, act!
before it is too late to hear !
                              Judy McCaig April 2015

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